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Have you ever downloaded some free software thinking that you'd be saving your company some money, just to find out it was more of a headache than a cost savings? You might be surprised to learn that free software is one of the most dangerous things you will run into while operating your business. We’ll discuss the top three questions you should ask before installing free software, coming up next.

When it comes to the dangers of installing free software, knowing what is and isn’t safe is tough to determine. Ask yourself these questions:

1. What is the maker of this product getting out of it by giving it away?

Often times when you click “I agree”, you are agreeing to a lot more than just free software. You could be agreeing to an invasion of privacy, advertising spyware, malware, or even your personal information being taken or used.

Make sure to carefully go over the terms of service and know what you are getting into.

2. Is this software from a trusted source?

Rely on others such as your peers or online reviews to help you determine if the software is from a legitimate source. Check out multiple review sites and find out what others have to say about this software.

3. Is it worth the trouble it may cause?

It is important to consider if installing this software is worth the risk of potentially damaging your system? Does the software provide technical support in the event something goes wrong? Have a trusted IT support partner to help you answer these questions?

If you have a software need, don’t just look for a freebie. Look for reviews online, verify it is written by a legitimate developer and start a trial. If the software meets your needs, then purchase it and feel safe.

Of course, our team can always help you find the right software for your business.

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