All industries face unique challenges when it comes to information technology. The pace of change is so rapid these days that it’s all but impossible to keep pace without help. Fortunately, XIT Solutions has the industry-specific experience to keep you firmly planted on the cutting edge. With years of experience in dealing with a wide range of technological issues, we can not only provide you with peace of mind, but also help take your company to the next level by ensuring that as the technological landscape changes in the industry, your company changes with it.

In particular, our areas of specialization include:


Mobile devices are becoming an increasingly important component of IT, but they present some difficult challenges for management. With a multitude of device types and Operating Systems in the mobile ecosystem, and the total number of mobile devices in service in the industry growing by the week, managing mobile devices and making them work with your company as a seamless whole can seem like an impossible task. XIT Solutions makes the impossible possible.


Not all security is digital, and we understand that. As such, we take great pride in not merely seeing to your digital security needs, but we also have a full suite of physical security options we can implement for your company, based on your specific needs.

HIPPA Compliance

One of the major elements that distinguishes the health care community from other industries is HIPPA compliance. HIPPA compliance standards are exacting, with severe penalties for non-compliance. Given that reality, you need a company that is fully versed in HIPPA requirements. We bring that expertise and understanding to the table.

IT infrastructure

Nothing in IT happens without rock solid infrastructure. It is the foundation upon which all of your IT services rest. We have vast experience with building, maintaining, and upgrading IT infrastructure, so you’ll never have to worry about hidden fault lines in your system posing unexpected threats.

Network security

In recent years, there have been a number of high profile security breaches of health care and insurance systems. While no system is absolutely impervious to attack, our company prides itself on the ability to maintain state-of-the art system security that exceeds industry standards by a wide margin. Whatever your budget, we stand ready to assist.

Data Storage

Without data, you’re blind, hobbled, and unable to conduct the business of your business. What you need is a company that can ensure that your data storage needs grow with you. The last thing you want to have to deal with is the unnecessary headache of running out of storage space for patient records and other data files. We can help ensure that it’s never a concern for your company.

Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, you need to be able to begin implementing your DR plan immediately. This is, of course, true of all industries, but is of special importance in the field of health care where every second counts and lives are at stake. XIT Solutions understands that, and we can help you create and execute a robust disaster recovery plan. Obviously, the hope is that you’ll never need it, but if you should, isn’t it a comfort to know that you’ve got not only a robust plan, but a talented, dedicated team of professionals standing by to execute it?

IT can present enormous challenges to companies in the health care industry. You need a service provider who understands the challenges your particular industry faces. We are that company.